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with such an outrageous and dangerous view on our changing environment is the ranking member of the committee of environment and public works. maybe, maybe hurricane sandy will convince the senator and his fellow deniers that global warming is a very real threat but i wouldn't hold my breath. inhoff is actually in bed with big oil and big gas. the industry has given him more than half a million dollars. joining me to discuss the very real threat of global warming and the language of climate change is one of my favorites professor george, also the author of "the little blue book" the essential guide to thinking democratic. welcome back inside "the war room." >> always a pleasure to be here. >> jennifer: always a pleasure to have you. you wrote an article today for "the huffington post" and in that article, you said that global warming systemically caused hurricane sandy and you emphasized this issue of causation but systemic causation. explain what you meant. >> well, every language in the world can express what's called direct
to change that. the economy is a wholly owned subsidiary of the environment get it? sandy is in the house. we've had two 100-year events back-to-back. irene, sandy it could be $50 billion. you know we've wasted a lot of time here. now we've got to prepare and plan. and it turns out it's a four letter dirt word--jobs. come on. >> eliot: well you're making a powerful economic argument. the sheer cost of these storms is going to force us to pay attention. that has not yet worked. you've seen, and this goes back to chris' point a doubling down, the challenge of the very science of climate change. let me ask you this, does mitt romney believe in global warming, and does mitt romney believes the government needs to do something about it? everything you've read about it, seen him say and heard him say over the years. >> there is a lot of back and forth. that's not the only issue that that's the case for mitt romney. but he gave a written answer to a group called science debate. in there he admitted that science tests think that humans are influencing climate change but he said he's not sure ther
it is an uneven playing field. in an environment like this, if the democrats go with truth and they don't always tell the truth. i call them out when they don't. they certainly tell a hell a lot more than the republicans. how are they supposed to win? >> they're supposed to win by reacting to it. mitt romney right now realizes the importance of ohio to this is campaign. we've talked about it. we've talked about how obama can win without ohio. romney cannot really win without ohio. so what does he do, cenk? he goes in there like a lawyer making his final arguments before a jury. you know this. you're a lawyer. i don't know if you stood in a courtroom but you just throw it all out there. let the jury decide at the end. it doesn't matter the lies. it doesn't matter the crap you give them. you have to tell your story. this is a desperation move. listen with mitt romney, he's tried to tell every truth he can tell or lie he can tell about his position on the auto industry. nobody's buying it. right now he's going in at the
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3